Meer dan vitaminen en supplementen – natuurgeneesmiddelen

What if your brand speaks for three generations of naturopaths?

What if their legacy is not only about decades of service but also about the family memories? 

What if this family wants to tell us about our ability to nurture our natural health?

What if our natural health is like a balancing act: between what is hidden and what is around, between body and mind?

What if their product is a natural extension of that balance?

What if, while others copy, contaminate and compete in the pharmaceutical race, you simply do your thing for over sixty years? 

Now is the time for that story to come out. It is no longer reserved for those who’d seek the family out and travel to see them in a small Dutch town, hidden amongst the green, luscious flatlands.  And that’s where it begins: between the human and the natural – tussen mens and natuur.  De balans. 

Our task? To let that balance come forward through brand strategy, brand visual identity, and photography (new packaging design coming up in 2023!). Our strategic approach had its source in A.D. new world’s conscious brand core © – an interdisciplinary tool created to bring out the human side of the brand. Studio Vondst follows the human, social brand core with an almost silent design language, where a man-made design only speaks through hand-crafted and hand-drawn elements.  No templates, no trends, no look-alikes. To let the brand expression be like the brand core, like the family – design is warm, caring, pure and calm. Studio Vondst dares to let the natural elements take up the space and make them speak louder than marketing fuss. 

We were not in it to create yet another identity for yet another supplement brand – we were in it to bring up the beautiful story of Schreuder Family and Schreuder Natuurgeneesmiddelen.


Opdrachtgever: Schreuder Natuurgeneesmiddelen

Soort werk: Brand Visual identity, Creative Direction


Anna Duszczynska van A.D. New World – Brandstrategy & Branddirection

Tobias Reymond  – Film & Fotografie

and Eline Bodbijl van Merkenberg – Marketingstrategie, Vivian Lips van Viaviev – Marketing & Social media, Mick Brookman – Webdesign