Make Pasta Make Friends – Nico’s Trattoria

And here we are! Studio Vondst created a new brand identity for Nico’s Trattoria. 

Nico’s trattoria is the place for a pasta workshop. The best ingredients, mostly organic and local produced, or even from their own garden. But above all, with great company and good fun. Make pasta, make friends!

Thirza en Nico know eighother from the creative Broedplaats in Amsterdam. Trough shared passion for food and design, a friendship started. Fun fact: At some point Nico even had an little design internship at Studio Vondst, in return for his great italien lunches.

Now they work as two professionals together, both in their own expertises.


Opdrachtgever: Nico’s Trattoria

Soort werk: Brandidentity, Illustration