Magic Potion Natuurwijn

Knocking at the doors of perception with the Magic Potion wine. 

First – they introduced the psychedelic flagship range. Then – they sent the wine to the moon and back. After that – they created the dancing champion telling the Super Toscans to go to hell. Is there anything else that Studio Vondst and these wine-makers can do to make their unconventional wine family even more bizarre?

Behold my friends – for there is nothing more ‘out there’ than the Magic Potion wine. 

It was time for something more egalitarian to crown Dido & Juriaan’s love for biodynamic farming and biodynamic wine. It was time for Vinyes Tortuga to create the heavenly nectar made for humans – not gods. It was time to bow to the little heroes of the vineyard: those little fellas that often go unseen or work from under the ground, those quiet agents that silently operate in between the lines and make the soil speak the language of life. Yes, this is the wine celebrating the magical mycelium, the fantastic mushrooms – the true craftsmen of the cycle of life. Need we say more about what’s wine got to do with it? 

Studio Vondst was asked to design this new family member into life and join the Vinyes Tortuga Funky Line. To represent for all things larger-than-life, all things magic, creative, imaginative, extravagant and grand,  Studio Vondst dresses the label in nothing but purple. What is more ‘out-there’ than that? The hand-drawn illustration bows to the story of the fantastic mushrooms. The illustrative density speaks for the royally earthy taste of our wine. Time and time again – Studio Vondst follows the true soul of the Vinyes Tortuga brand – together they knock at the doors of perception and ask: do you really think you know all about wine? 

Opdrachtgever: Vinyes Tortuga

Soort werk: Branding, Packaging Design, Illustratie

Partners: Studio Roem – DTP